Digiflags and GPS-transponder

Knowing the meaning and actually applying the behaviour associated with the flag codes is an essential aspect while riding on a track. Riders should immediately adapt their riding behaviour on the track to these flag codes. The TT Circuit Assen uses digital flag panels called "digiflags" and can be displayed at 18 positions.
Digiflags can be accompanied in addition or support by flag signals from the track marshals. The signal displayed first takes precedence.


Starting from the 2024 season, the TT Circuit Assen will work with black GPS-transponders during track days to monitor movements of all participating vehicles. GPS transmitters are
used to monitor the live position of all participants. As soon as a vehicle stalls, or is involved in an accident, Race Control immediately receives info on the start number and
position of the participant(s) involved and assistance is immediately directed from Race Control.
Due to numerous data transfers the black transponder must be handed in at the end of the day to be recharged. Circuit officials remove the transponder from the bike when
entering the pit lane. For a 2-day CRT event the charged black transponder must be collected again on the 2nd day at registration.
Should the participant be unable to continue the event or wish to stop earlier the transponder must be handed in at the Technocentre.
At IDC events only the red transponder is used this transponder has less data transfer and can be used several days in a row.


The participant is responsible for loss or theft of the transponder issued to him.
If transponders are not returned the participant will receive an invoice for the missing transponder.
The cost price for the black GPS transponder is € 430.00 ex. VAT, for the red timekeeping transponder the cost price is € 390,00 ex. VAT.
If a participant forgets to hand in the transponder the transponder must be handed in at the TT Circuit within 14 days after the event or sent by registered post to:
TT Circuit Assen
De Haar 9
9405 TE Assen

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Digiflags and GPS transponders TT Circuit Assen 2024
CRT- and IDC-digiflags short version 2024