The International Dutch Championship originated from OW Cupraces which were organised since 2013, before 2013 KNMV Cupraces were organised.
In 2021 the OW Cupraces merged into the International Dutch Championship, the IDC championship. Due to the class structure IDC races offer participants the opportunity to develop and grow in motorbike racing. Amateur sporters and elite sporters support each other in their development.
In the International Dutch Championship riders are divided into two 600cc classes and two 1000cc classes. These classes are separated by class limit times. Because riders can ride in different classes each rider experiences competition and fun at her/his own level. Lap times at the TT Circuit Assen in the different classes range from 1.39.0 min to 2.12.0 min.
In 2023 the IDC will start a new class called the Dutch Naked Bike class, a class in which the looks should remain Naked. This class will initially start in the Dutch ProClass 600 until the number of participants is such that the Dutch Naked Bike class can become its own class. The Dutch Naked Bike class has its own honours and standings.


Timekeeping, technical control, medical aspects, race control, track marshalls it is all there at IDC races. Years of experience in organising races at home and abroad have ensured that, as organisers, we know what it takes to organise an exciting and atmospheric competition.

International Dutch Championship

The classes where you can start in 2023 are:

  • Dutch Superbike
  • Dutch Supersport
  • Dutch ProClass 1000
  • Dutch ProClass 600
  • Dutch Naked Bike


All aspiring participants, who are not yet in possession of an IDC license but want to start in the International Dutch Championship and who have not previously held a motorcycle race license, must take a one-day CRT motorcycle race license course.
The CRT motorcycle race license course will be organized on Thursday 6 and Friday 7 April 2023 at the TT Circuit Assen.
If you have not yet taken a motorcycle race license course you can already apply for an IDC license 2023 from us and choose a start number. Of course the license is not issued until the motorcycle race license course has been successfully completed.


The participant is responsible that her / his motorcycle is in perfect technical condition.
IDC races at the TT Circuit Assen are organised on type 2 and 3 days where the static noise limit of 102.9 dBA applies. On type 3 days a maximum dynamic noise limit of 101 dBA applies. Exceeding the applicable static noise limit will lead to disqualification.
In order to achieve a reduction in noise production, in addition to maximum structural damping of the intake and exhaust noise, the inside of the fearing, seat and underside of the tank should be provided with sound-absorbing, self-adhesive and flexible insulation material where possible.
Use of this material shows that resonance and sound transmission are strongly limited.

Track Support paddockservices

The paddock service "Track Support" is present at every CRT / IDC event. Track Support will provide exclusive sales and delivery of tyres, parts and clothing on the paddock. Race tyres purchased from Track Support will get an IDC tyre sticker, street tyres will not.
If a participant wishes to order a tyres prior to the event, please contact Track Support.

Opening hours Track Support Shop
- Tuesday 1 November 2022 to Monday 30 January 2023: Tuesday to Saturday 09:00 - 16:00 hrs
- Tuesday 31 January 2023 to Friday 29 October 2023: Tuesday to Saturday 09:00 - 17:30 hrs

Oplegger Track Support site

Track Support
Ketellapperstraat 19
9403 VS Assen 0031 626 260 615

Technical Support

Track Support sells universal parts and can perform minor technical repairs on the paddock.
Besides Track Support, several service providers at each CRT / IDC event provide brand related service and brand related sales of parts on the paddock.
These service providers are:
Edwin Ott Motoren – Yamaha
E-mail: - Tel. 0031 251 315 030
Druijff Racing – Kawasaki
E-mail: - Tel. 0031 612 690 218