IDC Endurance De 7 hrs van Assen 2023

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In 2022, the International Dutch Championship organised "De 7 hrs van Assen" for the first time.
The maximum number of 56 permitted teams stood at the Le Mans start of this 7-hour race in 2022. During the 7 hours this Endurance developed into an extremely exciting event with respectful and sporting "battles" for every position.


Tessa has already received many entries from Dutch and foreign teams for the 7 hrs van Assen on Saturday 8 July 2023. Turns out increasingly foreign teams find it interesting to want to travel to the TT Circuit Assen for the 7 hrs race.
Well, and say it yourself, "De 7 hrs van Assen" is actually also a unique event for motorsport.
Where else can you find such a physical and technical challenge for man and machine for 7 hours and entertainment for small supporters behind the pit boxes?
Nowhere anyway!

Fully booked . . . .

A maximum of 56 teams can participate in De 7 hrs van Assen, currently 56 teams have registered. IDC will operate a reserve list, please email Tessa for this:

Suikerspin Endurance


Due to the wide interest from home and abroad for the IDC Endurance, the organisation has decided to divide the starting field into 2 classes based on the lap times riding during qualifying. The top 3 teams in both classes will then be honoured. More information will follow shortly about "De 7 hrs van Assen" on Saturday 8 July 2023, which will be broadly similar to 2022.

IDC Endurance 2022

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